Fear and Force Free Doggy DayCare Serving South Portland and Surrounding Areas

Trusted. Safe.
Enrichment-based care for your fur person.

Daycare - Grooming - Training - Boarding

Your dog gets the same trusted, loving, and safe caregivers that a human child should.

That’s Our promise at The Bark Yard.

We treat each doggy friend like they’re our own pup.

At The Bark Yard, your pup’s camp day consists of social time and play, balanced with enrichment and mental stimulation for a schedule that meets the social and emotional needs of your dog without over stimulating or overwhelming them.

We treat each dog like they’re our own pup, with small playgroups, enrichment based activities, and positive training through their camp day.

From the way your pup is welcomed, to the quality of small group play, to the nurturing, positive training every dog receives… 

…our care is the next best thing to your furry family member being home with you.

Whether you need doggy day care for a playful, stimulating environment for your dog while you work, grooming for their physical well being, training for their safety, happiness, or mental stimulation, or even boarding while you’re away…

You can trust that your pup’s team of caretakers is looking out for your favorite furry family member JUST like you do.

The Bark Yard is 100% fear and force free.

This means that our entire team has been trained in positive dog care and handling.
happy dog
Your dog WILL:

Our philosophy:

The only thing that your dog learns when they’re afraid is to fear the person in front of them.

We’re invested in your dog’s happiness and peace of mind…which is actually what they need to learn most effectively, anyway.

Here’s what you WON’T ever see at The Bark Yard:

This is SO important to us: we don’t believe that your dog learns ANYTHING when they’re afraid except to fear the person in front of them. We are invested in your dog’s happiness and peace of mind…which is actually where they need to be to learn most effectively, anyway.

Our fear and force free programs work best for your dog. For you. Even for US.