Fear and Force Free Doggy DayCare Serving South Portland and Surrounding Areas

Dogs are smart cookies.

🧠 And mental stimulation is JUST as important for your pup as is social stimulation with other dogs.

In fact, many dogs get overstimulated with too much social play- especially in large groups of other dogs.

That’s why, at The Bark Yard, your dog has as much mental stimulation as they do social.

Playgroups are small.

Time playing in groups is balanced with training, enrichment, and good old REST for a happy, tired, but not STRESSED and overwhelmed dog at the end of the day.

🥳✨Are you looking for enrichment-based doggy day care, boarding, and training camp in South Portland?

🐕 With SMALL play groups…

🐕 options for solo dogs…

🐕 …and balancing short, small-group social interaction with enrichment and positive training.