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One of our favorite, most useful commands to teach your pup.

Why does your dog need to know the “look” or “watch me” command?

Teaching your dog to look to you any time they are anxious, unsure, or afraid can help build your trust and deepen your relationship…

Thus reducing anxiety for your pup and teaching them they can look to you for guidance about how to respond in stressful situations.

The “look” command is useful in teaching your dog to focus on you in stressful or exciting situations: the mailperson coming to the door.

An over-excited dog walking by that typically would rile your dog up.

On walks to keep from over-stimulation or reactive behavior.

In the home before company comes over, before meals are set down, and before treats.

During energetic play to encourage dogs to take a break and settle down.

In our small group play, our camp counselors are always sprinkling in learning with your pup’s play. Our pups are learning healthier play styles, good communication with each other, and to respect each other’s body language.

“Look” or “watch me” is one of our favorite cues to teach- next time you’re in, ask us to show you how to practice this at home with your pup!