Fear and Force Free Doggy DayCare Serving South Portland and Surrounding Areas

Your dog is an individual.

Not all dogs love hours and hours of play with other dogs..

👋 Just like not all humans love large social situations, networking, or small talk at parties.

What kind of dog is YOUR dog?

A) Loves other dogs and could play with them for hours

B) Likes other dogs, but likes a balance of social time with other forms of enrichment, exercise, and human connection

C) Does not enjoy other dogs much- prefers human connection and other forms of enrichment and exercise.

At The Bark Yard, we believe that all dogs are good dogs, and that they’re all trying their best.

It’s up to US- their humans- to understand what they enjoy versus what makes them uncomfortable and arrange their day according to what works best for them.

That’s why our enrichment-based daycare fits YOUR dog….

🟢 Whether they enjoy a play-based day (full daycare camp program)…

🟠 A mix of social play with dogs AND human connection, training, and solo enrichment (our hybrid daycare camp program)…

🔴 Or a day with ONLY human connections, training, and solo enrichment (our solo dog camp program).

During your dog’s evaluation, we gather information from you about your pup, and information from THEM about what kind of camp option will work best for them.

Schedule your evaluation for our fear and force free day care today via the New Parent Registration tab on our website.