Fear and Force Free Doggy DayCare Serving South Portland and Surrounding Areas

Can dogs who don’t like other dogs do daycare?

This is a question we get a lot.

And the answer is…in most places, they CAN’T…because normally doggy daycares serve highly social dogs who like being in large groups of other dogs.

This is one place we stand apart… with our Solo Dog program.

There are so many GOOD reasons to bring your Solo Dog to daycare here.

1. Socialization.

Having fun at The Bark Yard helps your Solo Dog acclimate to trusting and enjoying new people, making new friends, and desensitizing to situations where they can HEAR other dogs…but don’t have to interact with them.

2. Having a safe place to be when they can’t be home.

Acclimating Solo Dogs to daycare means they’re happy and safe when you have to board them or be out of the home for longer than you’d leave them alone.

It also acclimates your dog to getting comfortable in places outside the home without YOU, which is an essential skill.

3. Challenging their growth edge in a way that’s so good for their confidence and inner security.

Even for dogs who don’t like other dogs…it’s GOOD for them to work with our counselors on increasing their emotional thresh hold for tolerating even a nearby presence of other dogs.

Solo dogs spend their day here playing with counselors, going for walks, and doing light basic training alongside games meant to stimulate them mentally- something that can tire them out as well as or even BETTER than physical exercise!

4. And finally, giving your dogs a happy place to go during the day for exercise, mental stimulation, and fun and games ALWAYS benefits them…

… while you’re home working, or at the office, or taking care of your family- let your Solo Dog come have fun with us!

Pictured: Peanut, beloved Solo Dog here at The Bark Yard!