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How do you know if your dog is enjoying play?

Many dog parents tell us that their dog had a scary experience in a poorly supervised play group or dog park that make them wary of interacting with other dogs.

🛑 It is CRUCIAL that any play your dog has with other dogs is carefully supervised by someone who is skilled in reading and interpreting dog body language so they can STOP negative encounters before they occur.

Here are some signs that dog-on-dog play is consensual enjoyed by both dogs:

*Their body is loose, relaxed, or neutral- no stiffness, hard stares, or stiff, unmoving tail.

*Play takes turns- one dog runs, one chases, and then it switches. One dog is not pursued without the roles switching, no one is being cornered.

*Both dogs are actively seeking engagement- it’s not one-sided.

*Are they taking breaks? If not, every few minutes call them each away and give them a few minutes to settle and calm before going back into play.

If you want to know that your dog is being cared for by trained, caring, educated camp counselors, you’re in the right place!

✅ Our camp counselors are trained in dog body language and shadow our trainers for hours and hours before leading group play, and we prioritize continuing education and training for them on an ongoing basis to further their knowledge and skills.