Fear and Force Free Doggy DayCare Serving South Portland and Surrounding Areas

How do you know a doggy daycare is safe?

Did you know that the doggy daycare industry is an unregulated field? While you DO need a kennel license in the state of Maine to operate, that’s achieved at opening and barely investigated afterwards…and has NO bearing on how the daycare is actually run or how safe it is- for staff OR dogs. Raising the […]

Can dogs who don’t like other dogs do daycare?

This is a question we get a lot. And the answer is…in most places, they CAN’T…because normally doggy daycares serve highly social dogs who like being in large groups of other dogs. This is one place we stand apart… with our Solo Dog program. There are so many GOOD reasons to bring your Solo Dog […]

Pricing changes this fall and BARK TO SCHOOL PACKAGE SPECIAL!

With the mornings getting crisp and cool already, it’s time to focus on the fall! And for most people, even if we’re not IN school, it still feels like back-to-school time. And we have inspired goodies to celebrate fall with you and continue to support your pup while you’re working each day. But first: we […]

3 questions to ask before you leave your dog ANYWHERE….

It’s not common knowledge, but there’s very little regulation for doggy daycare, training, and boarding facilities in Maine, and most of it’s based on health considerations…  …not the emotional or mental well being of your pup.   Here are 3 things I would absolutely need to know before I left my dog anywhere-and the owner or […]

Is your dog bored?!

Here are 10 great ways to bust the boredom and help your dog live a more fulfilled life! 10 Tips for Preventing Dog Boredom: 1. Stimulate your dog’s senses by allowing him to experience different environments each day. Taking your dog around the neighborhood can help mix up his everyday routine. 2. If your dog […]

Dogs are smart cookies.

And mental stimulation is JUST as important for your pup as is social stimulation with other dogs. In fact, many dogs get overstimulated with too much social play- especially in large groups of other dogs. That’s why, at The Bark Yard, your dog has as much mental stimulation as they do social. Playgroups are small. […]

One of our favorite, most useful commands to teach your pup.

Why does your dog need to know the “look” or “watch me” command? Teaching your dog to look to you any time they are anxious, unsure, or afraid can help build your trust and deepen your relationship… Thus reducing anxiety for your pup and teaching them they can look to you for guidance about how […]

Don’t punish the growl.

We often hear stories about people punishing dogs for growling at a child… And while we understand that this can be scary… PUNISHING a dog for a growl creates a dog who STOPS warning when they’re uncomfortable. Think of it this way. I hate being tickled. If you stop me from TELLING you that I […]

Your dog is an individual.

Not all dogs love hours and hours of play with other dogs.. Just like not all humans love large social situations, networking, or small talk at parties. What kind of dog is YOUR dog? A) Loves other dogs and could play with them for hours B) Likes other dogs, but likes a balance of social […]