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How well do you want your dog’s daycare counselor trained?

      How well do you want the person in charge of your dog trained?    At many daycares, staff is barely trained before they lead play groups (sometimes with up to 60 dogs), conduct training sessions, or do enrichment with your dog.   (How do we know this? We hire staff from other […]

How do you know if your dog is enjoying play?

Many dog parents tell us that their dog had a scary experience in a poorly supervised play group or dog park that make them wary of interacting with other dogs. It is CRUCIAL that any play your dog has with other dogs is carefully supervised by someone who is skilled in reading and interpreting dog […]

What IS socializing your dog?

One of your top priorities for your new puppy or young dog should be socialization. However, this is something that we see dog parents misunderstanding ALL the time. I was at the river this weekend watching a man with his very young puppy, trying to get her to “like” the water by dragging her into […]