A safe and fun place for your dog to play, train, and rest.

Fear and force free daycare, training, grooming, and boarding services.

We treat each doggy friend like they’re our own pup.

From the way your pup is welcomed, to the quality of small group play, to the nurturing, positive training available, our care is the next best thing to your furry family member being home with you.

Campers Program

Let us keep your pup busy all day.

Doggy daycare for a playful, stimulating environment for your dog while you work.

* All day campers receive a complimentary rest time enrichment treat and small group informal training throughout the day. Click here for more details.

We’re 100% invested in a safe, enriching, and rewarding camp day for your dog.

The Bark Yard Difference:

The Bark Yard is 100% fear and force free.

This means that our entire team has been trained in positive dog care and handling.

Happy Dog/ Happy Hooman School

Let us teach your pup manners.

Fear and force free training for you and your dog.  safety, happiness, and mental stimulation. Click here for more details.

  • Single session $80
  • Group Classes (4 total) $125
  • Sleep Away Camp (payment plans available) $2500

    (includes eval, boarding, training and 3 follow up sessions with the pet's parent(s))

Sleep Away Camp

(a fear and force-free board and train option)

Our experts shape the behavior you want to see from your dog, while also supporting you in understanding how to re-create the results once your dog goes home.

This individualized program meets your dog and you where you both are and personalizes a fear and force free training camp for your dog that shapes and reinforces the behaviors you want in your home…

And then works with you to create an effective transition from camp to home…working with you to support your dog in practicing sustainable good manners and easy obedience.


Your dog will enjoy daily training sessions, enrichment and mental stimulation, social time with other dogs if applicable, and daily walks and play periods. 

This two week program includes:

  • Interview & evaluation with you and your pup
  • 2 weeks of sleep away and training camp
  • Customized instructional videos that go home with you
  • 3 private, follow up sessions at our facility or via zoom
  • Discounted packages of follow up sessions to maintain and continue relationship building with your pup
Cost: $2500 (payment plan available)

Spa Services

Let us groom your pup.

Grooming for your dog’s physical well being,

The Pajama Party Club

Let us take care of your pup while you’re away.

Overnight boarding for your dog while you’re away. Click here for more details.

  • Boarding $17/night

    (Plus day rate based on days per week)