Fear and Force Free doggy DayCare Serving South Portland and Surrounding Areas


Happy Dog/ Happy Hooman School

Let us teach your pup manners.

Private Training Sessions: our trainers help build your relationship with your dog in personalized, one-on-one private training sessions.

  • Single Private Session $95
  • Single Private Session At Your Home $140

Day Training Program

Combines daycare and training with daily basic obedience training done by our camp counselors and trainers.

Dogs arrive at camp by 9 am and leave anytime after 4 p

4 days a week/ 3 weeks $2000

3 days a week/ 4 weeks $2250

Sleep Away Training Camp (Board and Train) - combine boarding, daycare, and training for basic obedience needs

(a fear and force-free board and train option)

Our experts shape the behavior you want to see from your dog, while also supporting you in understanding how to re-create the results once your dog goes home.

This individualized program meets your dog and you where you both are and personalizes a fear and force free training camp for your dog that shapes and reinforces the behaviors you want in your home…

And then works with you to create an effective transition from camp to home…working with you to support your dog in practicing sustainable good manners and easy obedience.


Your dog will enjoy daily training sessions, enrichment and mental stimulation, social time with other dogs if applicable, and daily walks and play periods. 

This two week program includes:

  • Interview & evaluation with you and your pup
  • 2 weeks of sleep away and training camp (option to go home on weekends)
  • Customized instructional videos posted for easy access to a private group
  • 3 private, follow up sessions at our facility or via zoom
  • Discounted packages of follow up sessions to maintain and continue relationship building with your pup


Cost: $2500